We Are Hope In Action

We are a Non-Profit, Faith based organization that is committed to serving the needs of humanity through the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Whether we are providing outreach services to Veterans or, rebuilding the lives of the homeless it is through the love of Christ that we serve.

Through dedication and commitment of unconditioned giving, service, volunteerism and sharing the Word of God with others; we are able to inspire, uplift and empower our fellowman to return to the ways of Christ and to be light for others. From a place of love and grace, we are teaching others, "How To Pay It Forward," so that humanity will be the recipient of great blessings.

There are many people today who have fallen into dark places in their lives through illness, unemployment, addiction, homelessness or, maybe even the loss of a loved one. We just seem to struggle without hope in sight. We are unable to FREE ourselves from the the DARKNESS that holds us in BONDAGE. We feel lost and a great sense of hopelessness. This is why we exist, we are HOPE IN ACTION.

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